Life is too short to be a minimalist. 


Our conceptualization, content, and curation stands apart from run-of-the-mill events. 

About Ahz concepts:

Founded by designer Abby Hertz in 2008, AHz Concepts is a boutique event curatorial firm specializing in the marriage of high art and event art. With a background in art history and fine art, Hertz has a keen eye for combining concept & context for discerning clientele. 


First and foremost we are inspired by the power of human imagination. Second, we have the expertise to carry out intensely beautiful & unusual ideas. 


Over ten years of curating art, interactive installations, environments, and entertainment for high-end clientele. 

AHz Concepts  curation by abby hertz

Skills Include



Interactive Art

Immersive Environments

Fire Shows

Art Historical Events

Museums & Galleries

Unusual Dinner Parties

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